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We work with the best coffee from Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee. Go for specialty coffee at the office!

Thanks to the cupping scores of more than 80 we are allowed to call ourselves ‘100% specialty coffee’. Moyee Coffee is Forest Shielded, Hand Picked, Slow Dried and Slow Roasted to perfection. Good input for a conversation at the coffee machine in the office right?

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At Moyee you buy or lease a business coffee machine it suits your needs, this is completely flexible, you’re not stuck with anything. Through our direct connections with professional coffee machine suppliers we provide a tailor-made solution. We give the suppliers discount we get to you.



We leave 50% of the value chain behind by shifting value-adding activities such as coffee roasting to coffee-growing countries, Moyee generates valuable jobs there and enables a future without dependence on development aid. 

By simply drinking Moyee FairChain coffee, Moyee was able to invest a total of more than €2.31 million in Africa. In addition to the normal earnings from coffee sales, Moyee has reinvested €1.8 million in Ethiopia through the FairChain model.

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We have big goals! Moyee and FairChain have helped over 500 farmers in Ethiopia earn a living income. In total, that’s almost 4,000 family members! For us, fair means that producers can live on their yield and not suffer from poverty or hunger. You can find out more about our calculations in our Impact Report.

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Moyee is the world’s first proven climate-positive coffee. Per kilo of Moyee FairChain coffee, 4.24kg more CO2 is absorbed than is emitted throughout the entire production and supply chain. Great, isn’t it?

By the way: This corresponds to 110 round-the-world tours by car!

Order: The annual per capita CO2 emissions of 146 average Dutch countries!

“We want to give Ethiopia the instruments so that they can help themselves. It’s their coffee afterall!”

Guido van Staveren van Dijk, Founder Moyee


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