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Moyee is rewriting the rules of the coffee industry by roasting and packaging our coffee in the country of origin.

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Do you want to be a bit adventurous and see which blend fits your taste buds best? Get a special tasting package and try four different blends, 60grams of each.
Price: 9 € 


Do you already know what blend you like or you would like to learn more about our coffee? Visit our shop.


Poverty causes deforestation, causes climate change. And not the other way around! By paying reasonable prices and helping farmers protect the forest, we also help ourselves.


Momentarily 90% of the total coffee value disappears into the pockets of a handful of large multinationals, which we call Big Coffee. This means that the coffee farmers are left with only 10% of the value. It’s even worse, because there is nothing is added to this value– only 2% of that amount is actual profit. We may be entrepreneurs, but there’s no way to justify this imbalance. That’s why we started Moyee!

Impact Pioneer since 2021!


Invested in growing countries

By shifting value-adding activities such as coffee roasting to coffee-growing countries, Moyee generates valuable jobs there and enables a future without dependence on development aid. 

By simply drinking Moyee FairChain coffee, Moyee was able to invest a total of more than €2.31 million in Africa. In addition to the normal earnings from coffee sales, Moyee has reinvested €1.8 million in Ethiopia through the FairChain model. Many thanks to you, our faithful Moyeestas! Your coffee consumption makes it possible! Greetings and a big hug from your coffee friends in Ethiopia.

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Family Members Supported

We have big goals! To date, Moyee and FairChain have helped over 500 farmers in Ethiopia earn a fair living. In total, that’s almost 4,000 family members! For us, fair means that producers can live on their yield and not suffer from poverty or hunger. You can find out more about our calculations in our Impact Report.

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CO2 Surplus

Moyee is the world’s first proven climate-positive coffee. Per kilo of Moyee FairChain coffee, 4.24kg more CO2 is absorbed than is emitted throughout the entire production and supply chain. Great, isn’t it?

By the way: This corresponds to 110 circumnavigation of the world by car!

Order: The annual per capita CO2 emissions of 146 average Dutch countries!



192 reviews in the last 12 months 98% recommends Moyee.

Amsterdam - 11/08/2021
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Great coffee, excellent service, marketing could be better We have been grinding a lot of espresso coffee for ourselves and our guests for 15 years. This is great coffee, great taste. We buy it mainly because the roasting and packaging takes place in Ethiopia or Kenya and there is more value added there. I still don't understand why so many people work on coffee here. Now that I'm a customer, I get a lot of emails from Moyee, but I haven't heard from Moyee until I was a customer. That should be different, I would say ...
Francis Brom
Amerongen - 27/07/2021
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This is radically good coffee, from a supplier with a great philosophy ... chocolate is good too ...
Panneman - 13/07/2021
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Excellent price-performance ratio Good and quick service. It's nice to also contribute to a sustainable society.
Eindhoven - 23/05/2021
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Very tasty coffee with a fantastic impact Good in taste and good in mission.
Eindhoven - 13/11/2021
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Delicious coffee with a good story Moyee coffee is one of my favorite coffees. Because they do such a good job for the coffee farmers, but above all because it tastes delicious!


Easy-peasy. We’ve made a taster pack for you so you let your taste buds explore while your purchase is making an impact.

When you know which coffee suits your taste best, visit our shop page. You can either buy coffee for once, or opt-in for a subscription (recommended).

Although we believe it’s better to try the tasting package first, you can always visit our shop page. You can either buy coffee for once, or opt-in for a subscription.

Hell yeah! Navigate to our shop page and continue from there.

There is no string attached at all. You can always pause, edit, adjust or cancel your subscription without any fee.

We suggest pausing your subscription instead of cancelling it in order to keep your loyalty points (coming soon).


Together, we can not only contribute to the fight against poverty, but also stop the arbitrary clearing of forests! Together, we give people in coffee-growing countries a fair chance to stand on their own two feet. We achieve this through fair pay, targeted training and real trade. Every cup of Moyee FairChain coffee contributes to a living income for coffee farmers.


Moyee Taster Pack

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