Drop the trash

THE TRUE COST OF Black Friday HALLELUJAH.. THE FESTIVE SEASON IS AROUND THE CORNER… And so is today our big dear friend Black Friday…. Retailers offering

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Our Environmental Impact

Our Environmental Impactmoyee is carbon positive. with each kilo of moyee you help fight climate change Lets Fix the Future! (3/3) In this series, you

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Our Social Impact

Our Social Impacttaking a living income as basis Lets Fix the Future! (2/3) In this series, you can find 3 blogposts that shortly explain our

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Our Economic Impact

Our Economic Impactvaluable jobs and a proud future for the youth without the need for development aid. Lets Fix the Future! (1/3)   In this

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Moyee Tasting Pack

Try the first FairChain specialty coffee worldwide. Get a 50% discount on our tasting pack. Add this code to the shopping cart.