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st. pauli and us - How did this happen?

With St. Pauli and you as a fan, we want to change the coffee supply chain hand in hand. We are tackling the absolutely shitty situation that has existed for centuries in a sustainable way. The Cooperation is not another charity, this is about entrepreneurship in the country of origin of coffee!

Since St. Pauli and its fans are all social people, like us, it’s a perfect fit! We all love football as much as a good cup of coffee but above all we like it loud!

What is FairChain coffee?

The problem with coffee is that 90% of what coffee is worth, goes to a handful of large multinationals, which we call Big Coffee, labels we all know. This means that only 10% of the value of coffee stays within the country of origin. With us this is 50%, because we roast and package in country of origin we redistribute the coffee chain toward an equal partnership.

Follow the money of your coffee

This is where the money goes for the coffee you drink in the stadium. That is our Triple coffee!

Triple follow the money

We need you to help us change the coffee industry for the better by supporting our mission.
f*ck the planetary plundary - drink pink!

coffee Tasterpack 50% off for you!


Try our tasterpack with 4 x 60g specialty coffee with 50% off for St. Pauli Fans.

  • The Elegant Single
  • The Fruity Double
  • The Accessible Triple – this is the coffee your drink in the stadium!
  • The Strong Dark
€9 €4,5

Who are we?

Since 2012 we have been on a mission to redesign the coffee industry and prove there is a more equaitable way to grow, roast and deliver a great cup of coffee.