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What's the problem?

Momentarily 90% of the total coffee value disappears into the pockets of a handful of large multinationals, which we call Big Coffee. This means that the coffee farmers are left with only 10% of the value. It’s even worse, because there is nothing is added to this value– only 2% of that amount is actual profit. We may be entrepreneurs, but there’s no way to justify this imbalance. That’s why we started Moyee!


We are not against FairTrade, we are just stepping up our game and prove that we can go much further that they do. With FairChain we reimagine and rebalance the coffee chain. Our goal is to reach a 50-50 balance between coffee producing and coffee consuming countries. Sort of a hardcore ambition you could say, but we are already well underway. Next to the 20% FairChain premium and our living income program for the farmers we leave around 400% more money in the coffee producing country! And at the same time you do not pay more for your premium coffee, bi-winning!

“it is time for countries such as Ethiopia to claim their rightful place as equal partners in the coffee chain. It’s their coffee after all!”

Guido van Staveren van Dijk, Founder Moyee

How do we do it?

Roasting and packing is moved to Ethiopia, we sell the coffee and the value is divided equally. A sustainable and fair collaboration between producers and consumers. By moving these value adding activities in the coffee chain we make sure we can have a positive and radical impact on millions of people.

We don’t burn everything in our country of origin. Why?

– We work from the market and only when a taste has enough volume can we move it. This year we made a huge leap by moving our Triple to Kenya and are now working on a coffee that will move to Colombia early next year. 

– We have the shortest chain. Between the farmer and the cup are just us.  But yes, a container may be on the road or stuck for a little longer. Then we burn in the Netherlands to ensure that everyone can continue to enjoy our radically delicious coffee.

In our original plan we thought we could burn up to 70% in their country of origin, but last quarter it was 84% and we think we could even get above 90%. Yesss!

The packaging contains roast and packed in country of Origin. So for a small % this is not entirely correct, but we do not know how to do things differently without all kinds of extra hassle with multiple types of labels. And because we are 100% transparent and everything can be found on the blockchain we think you think that’s okay. If not let us know!

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