Welcome to the

Moyee tribe!

So, A friend of you

has tried Moyee coffee and they thought you should try it too, ha?

Well, we’re more than happy to have you here. We have a gift for you to welcome you warmly to our beloved community. 

We believe our coffee is amazing and we want everybody to taste it. But more importantly, we want people to see how they can fix the future by trying a new business model. By choosing Moyee, you’re supporting the farmers, protecting the planet, and creating jobs for the people in the coffee-growing countries.

Moyee Coffee Taster Pack Open
Moyee Taster Pack

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Moyee Coffee Inside Taste Pack

Let your
tastebuds decide.

Do you want to be a bit adventurous and see which blend fits your taste buds best? Get a special tasting package and try four different blends, 60 grams of each.

4.50 € – Free Shipping

It's great coffee
But more importantly,

It makes a great impact!

The taster pack is

waiting for you!

Let's grow together.

We think it’s unfair that the worldwide annual spending on marketing is $800 billion. With this much money, we could end world hunger.

To be honest, we kinda hate spending money on marketing. We rather spend that money on our farmers, the people in the supply chain, our community, you, or your friends.

We still need to grow, though. Which is why we are giving our amazing Taster Pack with 50% discount.

The enjoy the 50% that is on the house because other 50% still goes to the country of origin.