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50% are on the house and 50% are invested straight in the coffee origin countries!

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Are you adventurous and want to find out which coffee suits you best? Then try our taster pack with 4x 60g Specialty coffee.

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  • The Elegant Single
  • The Fruity Double
  • The Accessible Triple
  • The Strong Dark



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Coffee for gourmets! Not a powerhouse, but elegant and charming. Grown at extreme altitudes, it delivers an explosion of florals complemented by citrus and cocoa flavors.

The single is roasted and packaged in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.



You like a full-bodied coffee with fruity flavors and a slightly tart and caramel aftertaste?then this coffee will run out fast.

The Double is roasted and packaged in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.



This coffee is full of chocolate and nice warm flavors without strong bitterness. A real friend for all!

The Triple is roasted and packed in Nairobi, Kenya.



You can not have it strong enough? Then we have created this coffee for you. Step into the darkness and enjoy a super intense, full-bodied, deliciously bitter coffee with earthy flavors and dark chocolate taste. We present: African dark roasted coffee.

The beans come from Uganda, Kenya and the Congo. The beans are roasted in Kenya.

100% Rainforest Alliance Certified, 100% FairChain, and 100% Climate Positive.

What is fairchain?

We are not against Fairtrade, we just go a big step further than that. With FairChain, we are finally trying to balance the coffee chain. Our goal is to create a 50/50 balance between coffee producers and coffee drinkers. That’s a pretty ambitious goal, but we’re well on our way. In addition to the 20% FairChain premium for farmers, we leave 300% more value in the country of origin! And all this without you having to pay more for the coffee – a win-win situation!
Most importantly, we want to give everyone the opportunity to proactively create a more just future. By choosing Moyee, you are supporting local farmers, creating jobs for people in coffee-growing countries, and protecting the planet. 

You get to enjoy delicious fair coffee, but most of all you contribute to a fairer world!

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That's our approach

We think it’s unfair that $800 billion is spent on marketing every year worldwide. With this amount, we could end world hunger.
Honestly, we’re not a fan of spending money on marketing either. We’d rather invest that money in our value chain – our farmers, their community, you, or your friends.
Even if we don’t want to invest much money in marketing, we must continue to grow as a social enterprise. That’s why you get our taster pack with a 50% discount. Just try it yourself. 
50% are on the house and 50% will continue to be invested in the farmers. We believe our coffee is delicious, so we want everyone to try it. 

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