2022 - What a year!

What the H*CK have we been up to??
  • We have worked together with farmers from Ethiopia, Kenia, Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. And we got Microlot coffees from Ethiopia, Uganda, Guatemala, Honduras, and two from Colombia.
  • We’ve worked on a bio-compost project with 7200 farmers, so they do not need any fertilizers and pesticides anymore
  • We’ve held 5 Living Income Reference Price (LIRP) sessions (in Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia), together with more than 60 local experts and farmers.
  • We’ve spent more than 250 hours on focus groups, sessions and conversations with farmers about what a better coffee price should be and what that means for them.
  • We’ve gone where it hurts: research child labor in the coffee chain
  • We’ve got ISO FSSC 2200 certified for the roastery in Kenya
  • We’ve built our second wetmill in Ethiopia, Limmu 2
  • We’ve raised €15.466 for Ukraine with the Fuck Russian Warship coffee
  • We’ve again been awarded 5% best of the world BCorp!
  • We’ve produced a total of 165.000 kilo of roasted coffee (123.000 kilo in country of origin), good to give everyone in the Netherlands a cup of coffee (21M cups!)
  • And last but not least: we have grown our Moyee family and many new fairchain coffee addicts joined! (many new customers who joined our movement!)
  • Focus on female empowerment
  • You soon own Moyee! Next year we launce the Republic of Everyone