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Mountain Mama - whole beans

250g – 9.60€ 

1kg – 32.50€

The name already gives it away: micro means small. Microlot coffee is also a small amount of coffee, weighing less than 200 kilos (+/- 10,000 cups of coffee) per batch. But that’s not all: the grower also pays special attention to the microlot and grows it at a certain height.

The result is a high-quality coffee with a unique and special taste.

Well, have fun!

Moyee presents our first 100% female owned Microlot ! Now’s your chance to get it! Take your chance!

100% female owned

Women play a very big role in the coffee industry. Thats is why Moyee brings to you: Mountain Mama! The entire value chain of this coffee is owned by women, from the picker on the mountains of Uganda, to the packagers. 

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Farmer - Jenipher

Jenipher is the prime example of a strong lady. Together with her family of six children, she lives and grows coffee on the slopes of Mount Elgon. Jenipher is seen as a special farmer in the region, foremost because she is a lady, but also because she is one of the leaders of her cooperative. As a board member and model farmer, she is a leading example for all women in the region.

Next to Jenipher is Manon, the impact warrior of Moyee. She met Jenipher in Uganda during her Living Income research. She spoke to all the women who handle the Mountain Mama, and bring the story to you!


“My parents were coffee farmers and used to pay the school fees from the coffee harvest. This means that coffee has made me who I am today. I am a graduate account and as the first and youngest female roaster from Mbale UgandaI combine the two things that I love the most.”



Cupper Christine

“I got interested in coffee when I was 12 years old. My parents were also coffee farmers and they showed me the whole process of growing and processing coffee. 

All my life I have been working in coffee, I started working with my aunt as a coffee-sorter: separating the defect coffee from the good coffee. I became the best picker and one day, the general manager promoted me to hand sorter supervisor. During my reign as a hand sorter supervisor, we exported the cleanest coffee, resulting in a promotion to quality assistant, analysing the coffee in terms of appearance, colour, smell, physical defects and many more characteristics. This is how I first started cupping, From that moment onwards the only way was up.”

Caramel & Cocoanibs

This coffee shows hints of caramel, cocoanibs, and is slightly acidic, very accessible.  

Radically good

Country of origin: Uganda

Region: Mt. Elgon 

Roast Date: November 15, 2022

Altitude: 2400m

Process: Washed

Quantity: 300kg