The name already gives it away: micro means small. Microlot coffee is also a small amount of coffee, weighing less than 200 kilos (+/- 10,000 cups of coffee) per batch. But that’s not all: the grower also pays special attention to the microlot and grows it at a certain height.

The result is a high-quality coffee with a unique and special taste.

Well, have fun!


Moyee presents our first micro lot from Honduras. San Juan – named after the place of origin in Honduras – is a complex coffee with sweet tropical fruits, red currants and cacao nibs. This is the first time this coffee has crossed international waters. Now’s your chance to get it! Take your chance!

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This story does not, as usual, start with the farmers but with our intern Marcos from Honduras. Marcos was responsible for the logistics in Amsterdam so that you can get your coffee as quickly as possible. But that was not all… From his hometown, he managed to bring this microlot to the Netherlands! Marcos’ old friend, whom he grew up with, is now a coffee roaster in Honduras and Marcos is exporting the coffee abroad for the first time.


José’s story began in 1998 when he planted his first coffee plant. Since then, he has combined passion and discipline with a future-oriented way of thinking when growing coffee. He is hardworking to get the most unique flavors, and for the microlot it worked out once again.

Farmers from all over the area come to him to share their techniques, experiences, and visions for better yields. He also passes this knowledge on to his family, who are willing to follow in his footsteps. And now the microlot San Juan from José!

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This time we left the Microlot stage to a newcomer in the coffee industry. Don Nelson Guerra founded the roastery together with his son Roberto Guerra.

Plaza Café is located in western Honduras and the Guarra family has been roasting coffee for more than 10 years. They have developed a special roasting profile for this coffee. The coffee is roasted between 180 and 210 degrees in a rotating drum with a gas flame as the heat source. In exactly 16 minutes and 4 seconds, this yields a medium roast bean.

This coffee isn’t even from Honduras! We helped them export that coffee and get it to you first.

Fruity currant

In this coffee you can taste the fruitiness of red currant, blueberry and apricot. The long and intense aftertaste, characterized by notes of cocoa nibs and caramel, makes this microlot one not to be missed.

Radically good

Country of origin: Honduras

Region: San Juan

Roast Date: April 15, 2022

Altitude: 1500m

Process: Natural

Quantity: 300kg