Shantawene - Whole Beans

250g – 9.60€ 

1kg – 32.50€


The name already gives it away: micro means small. Microlot coffee is also a small amount of coffee, weighing less than 200 kilos (+/- 10,000 cups of coffee) per batch. But that’s not all: the grower also pays special attention to the microlot and grows it at a certain height.

The result is a high-quality coffee with a unique and special taste.

Well, have fun!

The best quality from the heighest mountains.

Christmas coffee from Ethiopia. A medium roast with fruity notes to brighten the dark days. This microlot tastes of candied bergamot, almond cookies and cherries. Wouldn’t that be delicious as dessert for your Christmas dinner?

We think, with a little bit of imagination, Shantawene sounds almost like Santa…

Farmer - Shantawene village

Farmers grow the coffee at as high as 2,100m in the Bombe Mountain area. Farmers in the Shantawane village work together to make this coffee. The beans have a high density and are smaller, which is the effect of slow ripening at high altitude.

Processing - Daye besa

The coffee is processed at Daye Bensa’s washing station. There is increasing interest in this washing station because the #7 Ethiopian Cup of Excellent Coffee was recently produced here. They have just invented a new dry-fermented process to get even more flavor into the bean. Possibly this coffee will become Ethiopia’s #1 coffee….




Our head roaster José Mollura roasts the Shantawene. With more than fifteen years of experience in the coffee world, José really knows everything about coffee. From crop to cup. José is one of only 3,500 Q-graders worldwide. A Q-grader is what a vinologist is to wine. He discovers the most unique beans every time and brings out the (too) craziest flavors when roasting.


This coffee tastes like a combination of candied bergamot, a foundation of almond cookies and a fruitiness of cherries. The long and intense aftertaste, makes this Microlot one that definitely wants to taste.

Radically good

Country of origin: Ethiopia 

Region: Shantawene Village  

Roast Date: October, 2022

Altitude: 2100m

Process: Natural 

Quantity: 300 kg

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