7 Spooooky facts about the coffee industry

(watch out this can give you goosebumps)
1. Your daily cup of coffee is the world's 2nd largest commodity after oil. Global consumption of coffee is expected to triple by 2050.
2. From your €3 cup of café coffee, a farmer earns just 1.5 cents (0.5% of what you pay!).
3. 100% of all coffee in our planet is grown in the countries of the equator, the coffee belt. 99% of the coffee we drink is roasted in the west!
4. Only 6 major coffee traders and a handful of Big Coffee organizations control 50% of the world's green bean export.
5. In Ethiopia alone, the birthplace of coffee, no less than 2 million coffee farmes live off less than 2$ a day.
6. Monoculture coffee generates the highest yield but eliminates biodiversity. This has resulted in over 2.5 million acres of forest cleared in Central America alone.
7. For every kilo of regular coffee produced, 8-9 kg of carbon is emitted. Most of this pollution comes fro farm chemicals, deforestation, and air transport.

7 facts how you are making impact by sipping moyeE

Those spooky facts are the reason we founded Moyee Coffee and the FairChain Foundation. We cannot stress it often enough that we have not founded Moyee simply to sell coffee, but especially to make an impact and radically change the coffee supply chain.
1. The problem is not about consuming coffee, but making the choice of which coffee we consume. Companies have to be more transparent about the problems within the coffee industry so that we can promote sustainable growth. We really do not want to brag but Moyee is a pioneer in doing so. By using the approach of a FairChain, every link in the chain benefits; farmers, employees, the environment, trade, and such.
2. From your €3 cup of café coffee, a farmer earns just 1.5 cent, which is horrifying. That's why Moyee coffee aims for a 50/50 partnership, meaning that 50% of the value of each bag of coffee stays in the country of origin and therefore, farmers also earn a living income. Our approach: Trade instead of Aid.
3. That is why Moyee Coffee turned this trend around. We process the coffee in the country of origin by growing, roasting, and packaging.
4. 6 organizations?? That's bad. We support small and fair businesses, that share our mission.
5. By giving farmers more seedlings, they can grow even more coffee, which not only contributes to the carbon insetting program but generates an even better income. Simply, more plants, more beans, more income. We set up a roastery and wet mill in Ethiopia, and cooperate with local partners to create more jobs.
6. Moyee Coffee grows forest shielded which supports biodiversity. On top of that, we support sustainable growth by growing coffee plants, using sustainable farming methods, and refusing to use artificial fertilizers.
7. Moyee Coffee proactively works towards a positive environmental pillar. Farmers constantly receive new coffee plant seedlings to support reforestation, which has a spillover effect on our social pillar. Next to that, the coffee plants absorb C02.

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