Ethiopian Double Origin Coffee


Heavenly Match

This blend gives you warm, full-bodied cocoa flavours with a finish of brown sugar and a hint of fruitiness. A match made in coffee heaven!

  • Grown: Limu & Jimma, Ethiopia
  • Roasted: Addis Adaba
  • Type: Light roast
  • Taste: Fruity full bodied cacao

250 gram: €7.50 – 1 kilo: 25.50

Delivery cost:
0-1.75 Kilo: €6
2+ Kilo: €3

Radical Enjoyment

Do you want a fruity, sweet, nicely balanced coffee? The Moyee Double Ethiopia is indeed your coffee…

A lovely partnership of Limu washed beans and Jimma unwashed beans that have been roasted to a medium degree in Ethiopia. The fruity flavors of the washed Limu beans match perfectly with the sweeter, warmer flavors of the unwashed Jimma and create a beautiful balance.


Meet the farmers

At an altitude of 1,600 – 1,800 meters, the coffee grows here in the primeval forest. In this coffee area, biodiversity has been preserved and monkeys are still jumping through the trees. In Limu and Jimma, Moyee works together with more than 600 farming families on a living income.

Moyee FairChain Farmer
Moyee FairChain Processing Station

Meet the Processing team

Moyee has its own washing station in Limu. After harvesting, the FairChain farmers from the area bring their ripe, red berries here. The berries are washed and slowly dried. Some of the berries are placed unwashed in the sun so that the beans absorb the sweet taste of the flesh. Mainly women process the Double coffee.

Meet the Roasters

The green beans, after being processed are roasted in a local roastery in Ethiopia. This ensures that local people have an extra income. In this way, at least 50% of the value remains in Ethiopia.

Moyee FairChain Roasters
Moyee Roaster Holding Double bag

Meet the packager

Immediately after the beans have been roasted, they are packed. Our team packs the coffee with nitroflush, so that all the oxygen goes out of the packaging so that the beans arrive fresh in the Netherlands. On each pack there is a PRD date, which is the production date. This way you know exactly when your coffee is roasted!

Barista Advice

This Double is an omni-roast, which means that the coffee is roasted for every brewing method, from filter to espresso. That means that it is up to you to get the right flavors from the coffee! And of course we help you a little.

Drip Coffee Icon

Coffee: 7.5 grams
Water: 250 ml
Ratio: 1:17
Grind: like sea salt

French Press Icon

Coffee: 15 grams
Water: 200 ml
Ratio: 1:13
Grind: Coarse

V60 Icon

Coffee: 24 grams
Water: 400 ml
Ratio: 1:16
Grind: like sand

Espresso Machine Icon

Coffee: 18 grams (double shot)
Grind: Espresso

Moka Pot Icon

Coffee: 20 grams
Ratio: 1:17
Grind: Espresso

Need more barista advice? Check our Brew Guides.

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