Crown jewel

The 100% Limu is our crown jewel. This is an elegant and light-roasted smooth coffee. The beans in the Single have one single origin, Limu in Ethiopia. A bit like the grapes of the champagne region.

  • Grown: Limu, Ethiopia
  • Roasted: Adis Adaba
  • Type: Light roast
  • Taste: Citrus with cacao aroma

250 gram: €8 – 1 kilo: €27.50

Delivery cost:
0-1.75 Kilo: €6
2+ Kilo: €3

Radical Enjoyment

Our FairChain story all started in Limu, Ethiopia. This specialty coffee from the Kaffa region, the birthplace of coffee, has beautiful complex full aromas and flavors. She grows at extreme heights which results in a floral explosion. A fresh full-bodied coffee with a slightly fruity aftertaste of jasmine and cocoa. We slow-roast this coffee for 27 minutes at 197 degrees Celsius. Taste the floralness and citrus aromas!


Meet the farmers

Moyee is in direct contact with more than 658 farmers who grow the cherries of the Single in Limu, Ethiopia. Coffee plants are at an altitude of more than 1,600 meters under the canopy of a natural coffee forest. From November until January, the ripe, red berries are picked by hand and processed at our own washing station.

Moyee FairChain Farmer
Moyee FairChain Processing Station

Meet the Processing team

Moyee has its own washing station in Limu. During the harvest, the FairChain farmers from the area bring their ripe, red berries here. The berries are washed and, for the best quality, dried slowly on the drying beds. Mainly women process the Single coffee.

Meet the Roasters

The green beans, after being processed are roasted in a local roastery in Ethiopia. This creates jobs and leaves more value in the coffee-growing countries. The coffee is roasted in around 27 minutes. This allows you to taste a syrup-like taste and an aroma of cocoa with undertones of jasmine and a slight aftertaste of caster sugar.

Moyee Impact Report Header 2
Moyee FairChain Packaging Station

Meet the packager

Immediately after the beans have been roasted, they are packed. The packaging team packs the coffee with nitroflush, so that all the oxygen goes out of the packaging so that the beans arrive fresh in the Netherlands. On each pack, there is a PRD date, which is the production date. This way you know exactly when your coffee is roasted!

Barista Advice

This Single is an omni-roast, which means that the coffee is roasted for every brewing method, from filter to espresso. That means that it is up to you to get the right flavors from the coffee! And of course we help you a little.

Drip Coffee Icon

Coffee: 7.5 grams
Water: 250 ml
Ratio: 1:17
Grind: like sea salt

French Press Icon

Coffee: 15 grams
Water: 200 ml
Ratio: 1:13
Grind: Coarse

V60 Icon

Coffee: 24 grams
Water: 400 ml
Ratio: 1:16
Grind: like sand

Espresso Machine Icon

Coffee: 18 grams (double shot)
Grind: Espresso

Moka Pot Icon

Coffee: 20 grams
Ratio: 1:17
Grind: Espresso

Need more barista advice? Check our Brew Guides.

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