The powerhouse

Can’t you do it strong enough? Then we have made this coffee for you. Step into the Dark and enjoy a super intense, full-fat, delicious bitter coffee with earthy aromas and dark chocolate flavors. Italian coffee, eat your heart out. We present to you: African Dark Roast coffee.

  • Grown: Uganda, Rwanda, Congo
  • Roasted: Nairobi, Kenya
  • Type: Dark roast
  • Taste: Dark intense chocolate

250 gram: €6.50 – 1 kilo: €22.50

Delivery cost:
0-1.75 Kilo: €6
2+ Kilo: €3

Radical Enjoyment

It seems like you are searching for high intensity, full body and bitter aftertaste. Search no more! The Dark is here. This coffee is a blend of beans from Uganda, Rwanda and Congo. It is roasted to a dark degree in Kenya and is known for its high intensity in combination with a medium but bitter aftertaste


Meet the farmers

The current batch of our Dark blend consists of three different beans from Uganda. The Dark is the result of the hardworking of the three cooperatives. 65% is from  Mt. Elgon AB, 15% from Mt. Elgon AA and 10% from Mt. Elgon CPB. The farmers of these three coops do an amazing job in providing us with fully organic coffee with a green-coffee cupping score of 82 to 84. 

The combination of the beans in Triple and Dark is similar, however, the different roasting process makes the final blends unique.

Moyee FairChain Farmer Emely
Moyee FairChain Washing Station

Meet the Processing team

When the farmers deliver the ripe red berries to the washing station, the processing team washes them and puts them on the drying beds.

Meet the Roasters

Moyee has started its own roastery in Kenya.
Some batches of Triple is roasted and packaged at Moyee’s roastery and some batches are roasted at Moyee’s FairChain Partner African Coffee Roasters in Athi River, Kenya. It employs 41 people. In this way, at least 50% of the value remains in this coffee region.

Moyee FairChain Kenya Roasters
Moyee Coffee Roasting and Packaging in Kenya

Meet the packager

Immediately after the beans have been roasted, they are packed. Our team packs the coffee with nitroflush, so that all the oxygen goes out of the packaging so that the beans arrive fresh in the Netherlands. On each pack there is a PRD date, which is the production date. This way you know exactly when your coffee is roasted!

Barista Advice

This Dark is an omni-roast, which means that the coffee is roasted for every brewing method, from filter to espresso. That means that it is up to you to get the right flavors from the coffee! And of course we help you a little.

Drip Coffee Icon

Coffee: 7.5 grams
Water: 250 ml
Ratio: 1:17
Grind: like sea salt

French Press Icon

Coffee: 15 grams
Water: 200 ml
Ratio: 1:13
Grind: Coarse

V60 Icon

Coffee: 24 grams
Water: 400 ml
Ratio: 1:16
Grind: like sand

Espresso Machine Icon

Coffee: 18 grams (double shot)
Grind: Espresso

Moka Pot Icon

Coffee: 20 grams
Ratio: 1:17
Grind: Espresso

Need more barista advice? Check our Brew Guides.

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